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Grade 3

Illustration for Intro to multiplication
Multiplication as equal groups
Multiplication on the number line
Multiplication as groups of objects
Multiplication with arrays
Multiplication in contexts
Commutative property of multiplication
Illustration for 1-digit multiplication
Multiply by 0 or 1
Multiply by 2 or 4
Multiply by 5 or 10
Multiply by 3 or 6
Distributive property
Multiply by 7, 8, or 9
1-digit multiplication
Illustration for Addition, subtraction, and estimation
Rounding to nearest 10 or 100
Estimate to add multi-digit numbers
Strategies for adding two and three-digit numbers
Adding with regrouping within 1000
Estimate to subtract multi-digit numbers
Strategies for subtracting two and three-digit numbers
Subtracting with regrouping within 1000
Addition and subtraction missing value problems
Addition and subtraction word problems
Illustration for Intro to division
Division intro
Division in contexts
Relating multiplication and division
Divide by 1, 2, or 4
Divide by 5 or 10
Divide by 3 or 6
Divide by 7, 8 or 9
1-digit division
Illustration for Understand fractions
Fractions intro
Fractions in contexts
What fractions mean
Fractions on the number line
Fractions and whole numbers
Illustration for Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions
Comparing fractions
Comparing fractions of different wholes
Equivalent fractions
Illustration for More with multiplication and division
Letters and symbols in multiplication
Multiplication and division word problems
Associative property of multiplication
Multiplying by tens
Illustration for Arithmetic patterns and problem solving
2-step expressions
Estimation word problems
One and two-step word problems
Patterns in arithmetic
Illustration for Quadrilaterals
Illustration for Area
Area introduction
Count unit squares to find area
Area formula intuition
Multiply to find area
Area and the distributive property
Decompose figures to find area
Illustration for Perimeter
Perimeter of polygons with missing side lengths
Perimeter word problems
Comparing area and perimeter
Illustration for Time
Time on number line
Telling time
Elapsed time
Illustration for Measurement
Illustration for Represent and interpret data
Picture graphs
Bar graphs
Line plots with fractions