Global digital library

The Global Digital Library (GDL) is being developed to increase the availability of high quality reading resources in languages children and youth speak and understand.

The GDL-project is currently collecting reading resources and piloting the technical platform. The platform is expected to launch by the end of April 2018.

About the Global Digital Library

The GDL will collect existing high quality open educational reading resources, and make them available on web, mobile and for print. It will also facilitate translation and localization of these resources to more than 300 languages. By the end of 2020 the library will provide books in more than 100 languages.

The GDL’s initial purpose is to support access to high quality early-grade reading resources. Other types of learning resources may be included at a later stage.

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Compilation of digital libraries

If you are looking for reading resources, All Children Reading have made a compilation of digital libraries, carefully curated to feature a variety of sites that provide local language early grade reading materials.

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Who is behind the GDL?

The GDL-platform is a collaborative endeavour which will require involvement from a broad spectrum of stakeholders in order to be truly successful and widely used. It is being built based on existing quality learning resources provided from a variety of initiatives.

The idea to develop a Global Digital Library for reading resources came from All Children Reading: a Grand Challenge for Development (ACR) in 2014. The GDL-platform is being developed and will initially be operated by the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA). The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) has the overall project management responsibility.

The Global Digital Library is part of the Global Book Alliance
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