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The Global Digital Library now offers resources in mathematics from Early Math through Grade 3! Early Math consists of 51 topics with instructional videos, interactive math games and level up tasks for each topic sequenced in order from “Counting” to “Fractions of shapes”. Grade 2 has 32 topics, including the topics “Data”, “Measurement” and “Geometry”. Grade 3 has another 65 topics, where the topics “Area”, “Perimeter” and “Fractions” are introduced. With more than 300 instructional videos, more than 500 interactive math games and close to 900 math resources, the Global Digital Library makes learning math fun and 100% free!

Each topic has a featured video where essential math content within the topic is presented. There are additional instructional videos, as well as interactive math games where children can practice their math skills. Many of the math games have beautiful illustrations that add to the content and help the children solve the math problems they are presented with. Each game also has an alternative text, which is primary for visually impaired children. A level up task is furthermore included in each topic, a test where the children are presented with various parts of the topic. To move to the next level or topic, the children must complete more than 80% of the level up task. 

The children can use our adaptive learning experience at their own pace. When doing so, we award progress by giving the children badges as they master new topics. It takes less than 2 minutes to register, and each time your child or student masters a topic, you get an email. This way, teachers and students, and parents and children can celebrate the learning progress together!