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Roll along with the cloud as it brings rain and joy!

Bounthy’s father captures birds and puts them in cages. Bounthy likes listening to the birds singing, but one day the birds stop singing. Will Bounthy be able to make the birds sing again?

It’s Nin’s first day of school. She wants to get dressed in her uniform for school, but everyone is too busy to help her! Can Nin get dressed all by herself?

The girl in this story learns from her mother every day. Now she knows many things. Which of these can YOU do?

A little girl goes out alone in the dark. What does she find? This book is one of the four books in the ‘Growing Up’ series.

Three little kittens are afraid of the neighbourhood dog. He really wants to play with them, but whenever they see him they run away! Why do you think they are so scared of him?

A little child asks her mother to help her adopt a bird.

Join Kamal on a journey home through the city. Along the way, he discovers sounds and sights of the city, which are expressed using simple words in this story for early readers.

A man is out in his garden, digging and sowing, when it starts to rain and strange things happen… like fish falling from the sky!

After his birthday party, the boy in the story opens his gifts and is thrilled to find a camera. But as he’s playing with his new gift, he notices his mother crying in the kitchen. Find out what he does next!