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This document aims to provide guidelines on using the Global Digital Library channel in the Kolibri Learning Platform. Supporting documentation that is also available to get started with using Kolibri:

Platform overview

Kolibri Learning Platform is a platform specially designed to provide access to a wide range of  educational resources with pedagogical support tools for educators. Individuals may interact with Kolibri with individual accounts which track progress. Once registered and logged on, learners and coaches can access resources. Kolibri functionality allows for grouping of learners and assigning lessons to groups of learners based on different needs. 

Even though Kolibri is not primarily designed for early grade learners, it can be used with parents and learners at home when there’s no Internet.

Available resources

Managing resources

Resources on Kolibri can be imported from Kolibri Studio as described in the Kolibri user documentation: Managing channels and resources

The channel token for the Global Digital Library is dodip-binuv. Note that the Kolibri Content Library gives access to a wide range of learning resources that can be used alongside the GDL channel. 

Global Digital Library

The Global Digital Library is a collection of open high-quality early grade reading resources, made available for web, mobile and print. The GDL currently offers more than 8000 books in 100+ languages. Its library contains two types of leveled books: classroom books, which are approved by ministries in the relevant countries, and library books, which are leveled for grades 1-4, but not necessarily government-approved. The Library has been tested and iterated upon in Nepal, Cambodia, and Ethiopia, and has a commitment to quality assurance and localization.

Kolibri Content Library

Kolibri Learning Platform serves quality educational resources from several publicly available channels, collections of educational resources (exercises, videos, audio or document files) and associated metadata, prepared and organized for use in Kolibri. It works in conjunction with Kolibri Studio, the curriculum tool used to organize content and build custom content channels according to specific curricula and learning needs. You can find out more information on how to use Kolibri Studio through the user documentation.

Getting support

All questions can be directed to our team via the Learning Equality Community Forum. We encourage posting questions publicly to increase the number of team members who can see the inquiries to support, as well as to benefit the community more broadly.