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9 Essential Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Ready For Winter

Once the outdoor temperature begins to dip, many students decide to stay indoors in warm conditions. But the problem is that typical university dorm rooms hardly ever are well organized and prepared for cold weather. But fortunately, there’s no need to let things stay at that point. We gathered these 9 tips to help you with a transition to cooler temperatures and make your room especially cozy for winter. 

1. Provide yourself with Blankets

When it’s cold outside, it traditionally translates to it being cold inside when it comes to the dorm rooms. The winter can be terribly cold, depending on the place you live. Specifically, if your room is located in a more aged building, the construction of dorm rooms usually calls for minor insulation. That is why the more blankets you can get, the more coziness and warm conditions you will create as a result. Surrounding yourself with layers of plush, soft blankets is the best way to stay nice and cozy inside your dorm room. Moreover, you can use them while you’re with your friends or watching TV. 

Also, to maximize warmth, you should rearrange your blankets, placing them over your sheet and under your comforter. And even the coldest nights won’t be troublesome for you.

2. Get thick pleasant Rugs and Sheets

Unmistakably, your room floor can become unbearably cold during the winter season. But you can prevent heat loss in the room by using additional weatherization practices. A rug alone won’t rapidly change the room temperature, but it can make your feet warmer and more comfortable walking around. 

Another simple action you can do to stay a little warmer is to change your sheets. Investing in a good pair of flannel sheets would be a nice choice to use your body heat to stay way warmer during cold winter nights.

3. Wear warm clothes

It’s important to avoid catching a cold. You should visit your local mall, where you’ll find numerous clothes and accessories for winter, like, fuzzy socks that can instantly warm your feet, thick sweaters, or cute joggers. 

4. Acquire a Humidifier

Winter usually dries the air, and depending on your skin sensitivity; you might find it dryer and more sensitive. But you can avoid situations with your nose’s bleeding or your skin dry by purchasing a humidifier. 

A humidifier helps you moisturize the air, which can come in handy in winter conditions. Even the small ones can be enough for a room of any size. In case you have a roommate, you can team up and buy a nice one together.

5. Regulate the temp of the room heating 

 Many dorms already have settled central temperature regulators, which makes it impossible to set the wanted temperature. Nevertheless, if your room has a temperature regulator, you should understand how it works. We are sure that you dislike waking up with a strong feeling of coldness and then trying to learn how to operate your regulator for the first time, so that is why such knowledge is necessary.

6. Get Scented Sprays

Keeping warm during winter within your room walls demands you keep your window shut. And as a result, your room might begin to smell and feel a bit suffocating. This is easy to understand, so to dodge this, you might want to consider getting scented sprays, that will make your room way more liveable while bundled up in your dorm. 

7. Provide yourself with a Kettle

Sometimes the winter’s weather can be devastating, even when you cover yourself with all possible blankets and wear your warmest clothes. In the morning or after finishing your studies, you might feel the need to drink some warm cocoa or tea to keep your body temperature up.

One of the biggest advantages of having a kettle is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your room to make tasty warm drinks. Moreover, you can also purchase a thermos to carry any kind of warm drink wherever you go. This can be a real lifesaver when temperatures are getting low. 

8. Go out of your dorm room from time to time 

It’s pretty challenging staying in your dorm all the time since it can take a toll on your mental health, particularly if you live with a roommate. And such conditions can build up unhealthy tension, and you sometimes might want to go out of your room for some air.

For instance, you can visit the local library to study any kind of paper or assignment. You can also have a nice pastime in the cafe or another friend’s dorm to have a laugh and simply relax. And if you are concerned about questions like who can do my math homework, there are many websites and services that offer help with math homework, from online tutors to pre-written solutions. These resources can help students to understand difficult concepts, complete their assignments on time, and achieve success in their math classes.

9. Wear gloves or a hat even while inside

It’s hard not to see the importance of wearing a hat or gloves in the winter, especially outside. But winter cold can make modifications to our usual home style. It’s important to keep warm, and gloves with a hat, even inside, are an excellent choice to make. If you keep your hands warm, it’ll make your whole body feel warmer. What is more, gloves can also be incredibly useful for your skin since you can put your adorable lotion on your hands, put on the gloves, and enjoy your day. And a hat can become a cool additional part of your outfit, simultaneously keeping your head warm.


Throughout their university years, students tend to face many challenges. It can be the weather if it isn’t personal life or academic-related problems. Anyway, you have to be ready for each of these challenges. The same relates to weather conditions.

Hopefully, our article has given you recommendations you can use to prepare your dorm room for winter.

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